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Horizontal Scrapper

Circular tanks require careful design of the inlet stilling well (inlet buffer) to achieve a stable radial flow pattern without causing excessive turbulence in the vicinity of the central sludge hopper.

The removal efficiency of the chain and flight type collector mechanism is much higher than that of bridge type mechanisms. This is due to the large number of flights. Moreover, the power consumption and maintenance cost of these devices are minimal. These mechanisms can be assembled with non-metallic components including Collector Chains, Head and Idler Shaft Sprockets and Scrappers, which not only ensure easier erection due to their light weight but also contribute to making the product, have a longer life. These Scrappers are driven through the collector chains on both ends of the tank and in-turn are carried on the sprocket mounted on the solid stainless steel shafts running across the tank width, which are supported on the tank walls.


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